Friday, June 29, 2012


What better place to go on a double date than the new hot eatery Tar and Roses.  New spots are usually fun and judging from their website this place had a lot to offer.  As we entered the restaurant I found the decor to be extremely warm and inviting.   The small home made product offerings near the waiting area caught my attention and I found the rebar wine rack to be quite unique.  The hostesses were less than impressive but they seemed a bit green so I was willing to overlook their lack of knowledge on several of our questions.

After waiting about an hour we were finally seated and put our waiter straight to work by ordering the bacon popcorn and a cheese plate.  Bacon popcorn should be served at every movie theater across America.  It was absolutely delicious yet so simple.  I think I will try to recreate this appetizer but add a tiny splash of heat.  The cheese plate was a bit sad and didn't really offer much.  We should have definitely skipped this dish.  

Next up were several items at a once.  Bone marrow, soft shell crab, ribs, corn & mascarpone ravioli and eggplant with burrata. Of these 5 I would recommend giving the crab, ravioli and eggplant a go.  I was disappointed in the marrow and ribs were as dry as the desert.  The gnocchi finished things up but this too was not what I expected.  

Overall, I think a few dishes were well executed while the others seemed like the kitchen was in a hurry to push out the food so they could head home for the night.  We all had high hopes for this spot but I don't imagine we'll be back anytime soon.  

Quick Tip:  If you're in the area for dinner make sure to stop in at the Misfit for a drink.  This great NY type bar is something you definitely want to experience.

Buen Provecho!

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