Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Cuisine: Modern Farm Fresh 

Eatz: The smoked salmon plate (whipped farmers cheese, pickled red onion, capers, rye toast) with a side of yummy bacon was exactly what the doctor ordered.  The red rice salad (avocado, toasted pecans, maggie's mint, blood orange, bellwether dairy's pepato cheese)  was light and extremely refreshing.  The restaurant is a little on the pricey side but definitely worth a visit once in a while.

Decor: Simple, clean and warm with a Dean and Deluca type shop connected. From the beer to the cured meats they have so many wonderful products available for purchase.  

Staff:  A little forgetful but decent.

Quick Tip: If this is your first time to the Brentwood Country Mart, make sure to stop in after 10 on Saturday and 11 on Sunday in order to take advantage of the many wonderful shops.

Buen Provecho!


Cuisine: Burgers

Eatz: Little Cheeseburger and Little Bacon Burger were good not great. Glad we gave it try but will probably not return. This place reminded me of the burgers I used to eat in college on the way home from the bar after a long night of drinking.  

Staff:  Friendly

Decor: A bit tacky with laminated magazine pages stapled to the wall and dated articles from other locations around the US.  The coolest thing at the restaurant was the modern coke machine.

Quick tip: Save a few calories and go with the little burgers. It's the same size as the regular but with one less patty.

Buen Provecho!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Eatz: firehouse burger (8oz burger with jalepeno bacon, habanero cheese, avocado, giardiniera, tomato an avocado-mayo) on brioche with truffle fries was absolutely delicious and the right price at $10.

Staff: friendly and attentive

Decor: Very purple but cute and comfortable. Not sure I was digging faux croc seats but they did the trick.

Quick tip: The burgers are huge. 1 is plenty for 2....

Buen Provecho!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Cuisine: Bakery & Cafe

A Santa Monica favorite with so many delicious items it was hard to choose just one. Even though the food seems simple...the dishes are packed with flavor. Some of my favorite spots are those that provide their patrons with fresh and local ingredients.

Eatz: Solano went with the Fried egg sandwich (sunny side up eggs, Niman Ranch bacon, gruyere cheese, arugula and aioli on country bread) and Anna choose the Breakfast Burrito (scrambled eggs, roasted onion & potatoes, Tillamook cheddar, guacamole, creme fraiche, and tomatillo salsa).  I can officially say we both left full and pleased with the entire experience.  The only item I thought fell a little short was the coffee.  I was hoping it would give me the kick I needed to get the day started.  

Quick tip: Don't be afraid of the long lines when you walk moves fairly quickly. Free parking behind the restaurant.

Buen Provecho!


Cuisine: Pizzeria, Bakery, Pasteries

Eatz: A lot is going on in this quaint restaurant.  Ann and I have wanted to try this place for a while and finally had an opportunity to stop in over the weekend.  Our first dish of marinated artichokes ( baby spinach, toasted pine nuts, capers, golden raisins, goat cheese) was a bit overdressed but still tasty.  
The Milo Chopped Salad (little gems, tomatoes, pepperoni, mozzarella, arugula, red wine vinagerette) was light and refreshing!  I would definitely order this again.  Finally the Burrata Pizza:  (La Quercia prosciutto
Tomato, arugula, olive oil, sea salt) took approximately 
30 min to make but was definitely worth the wait.  I am positive we will be back soon!

Staff: Super friendly in this small cozy space.

Quick tip: Live on the Westside? Call in your order, drive up to the door and they'll bring the pie right to your car.

Buen Provecho!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Cuisine: Italian

Eatz:  I really love Terroni.  It often reminds me of the type of restaurant you may stumble upon while roaming the streets of New York.   From the grand chandeliers to the great black and white movies being projected on the wall to the open kitchen, this place delivers every time.

Ann and I normally stick to the items we know but felt it was time to branch out and try a few new dishes.  To get the party started we shared the Piatto a Stutare (Prosciutto San Daniele, burrata, grilled fresh artichokes, mint & extra-virgin olive oil). This was so absolutely delicious.  I truly enjoy when simple dishes are packed with a tremendous amount of flavor.  2nd course was status quo for the lady, Spaghetti al Limon  (homemade spaghetti with spinach, onions, capers, shavings of parmigiano with lemon & extra-virgin olive oil) but I decided to go with the special which consisted of pappardelle noodles and  chunks of Coniglio (look it up).  Yum Yum Yum......Since no alcohol was consumed we were able to get out of here paying $65 including tip.

I can't wait to go back!

Quick Tip:  This place does not accept reservations.  If there is a long wait, enjoy a game of foosball outside.  

Buen Provecho!