Thursday, August 2, 2012


Everyone should try this place once.  I've lived in Los Angeles for 11 years, pass Pink's on a daily basis but never thought to stop in for a meal.  I guess I equated it with the bacon wrapped hotdogs you might find at 2am being sizzled on a propane cookie sheet as you exit a bar or club on Hollywood Blvd.  I've had the pleasure of eating these Frankenstein weenies before and never felt quite right the day after. 

However, I can now say I misjudged this fine establishment. They haven't been around since 1939 for nothing.  While I don't recommend eating this every day, I do suggest you put the diet on the backburner and allow yourself to indulge in a delicious over the top hot dog once in a blue moon.  My choice was the Emeril (a 9" stretch with mustard, onions, cheese, jalapenos, bacon and coleslaw) with a side of bacon ranch fries.  As I took the first bite, I was overcome with a feeling of euphoria.  The combination of flavors was a work of art.  So simple yet pure genius.  This guy definitely knows his stuff.  I can't wait to return and try something new.  I just hope it lives up to my first experience.

Quick Tips

Do yourself a favor and skip the sides.  They will most likely go to waste.  The dog is plenty and will definitely satisfy your hunger. 

Arrive before 1PM and the wait should be minimal.

Buen Provecho!

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