Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ann and I have been wanting to try Pitfire Pizza for quite some time.  So with my family visiting from Dallas I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to sit down for a meal and catch up with the gang.

The hand chopped salad (lettuce, garbanzo, cannellini
red onion, cherry tomatoes, provolone, roasted corn, pepperoncinis, olives) started things off.  This dish was decent and since the the portion is large I recommend sharing it as an appetizer with several people.  However, don't eat too much or you won't have enough room for the pie.  

For our main courses most of the table ordered pizzas.  All three were tasty but I think the burrata pie (burrata cheese, tomato sauce, wild arugula, caramelized onion, hazelnut, pesto drizzle) was the best.  What's not to love about eating something layered with an Italian cheese, made from 
and cream.  The pepperoni and sausage pizzas were nice as well but I think both needed something unique in order to really stand out..  

Overall, we had a great dining experience and spending time with my family was wonderful.  I hope they return soon so we can give it another try.  

Buen Provecho!

My Family (This is the only time I have to stand in the back for a photo)
JoJo's Hungry
Chloe, Landon, Gabe Mark playing foosball with JoJo watching from a distance.

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